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When you or a loved one need immediate help due to a crisis related to opioid addiction, crisis intervention services are a valuable resource. These services provide you with short-term help right away in response to a crisis that can be emotional, physical, mental or behavioral. Having access to this immediate source of help can have a big impact on your own or a loved one’s well-being. Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center in Chillicothe offers crisis intervention services to help you or a loved one cope with distress related to opioid addiction.

What is Crisis Intervention?

Crisis intervention refers to an immediate response when an individual with an opioid addiction is experiencing extreme distress. This distress can take the form of an emotional, mental or behavioral issue, or it might occur as physical distress. While medical emergencies should be handled by your local emergency room, other kinds of emergencies can be handled through crisis intervention services. These services can help ease an individual’s distress and stabilize their condition if needed.

Crisis intervention is typically done by certified counselors with the right training to handle these situations. When you or a loved one receive assistance through counseling or other services as part of crisis intervention, keep in mind that this is not the same as going through individual counseling during addiction treatment. Crisis intervention is meant to provide a short-term approach to a stressful situation rather than treatment for addiction. However, these immediate services can help calm individuals and put them in a better frame of mind, so that they can enter an addiction treatment program.

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Benefits of Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention services can help individuals with an opioid addiction who are experiencing sudden or extreme trouble sleeping or eating, a sense of hopelessness or depression, anger or irritability, or other problems. Those with a co-occurring mental health disorder might experience severe mental problems during a crisis. Having these individuals go through crisis intervention provides them with a way to become more stable and cope with their current situation in a safer and healthier way rather than turning to opioids for relief. These services also ensure that they are not in immediate danger physically, mentally or behaviorally. After going through crisis intervention, you or a loved one can move onto an opioid addiction treatment program as a long-term solution.

When you use crisis intervention services for yourself or a loved one, they provide these benefits:

  • Immediate access to help for physical, emotional or mental distress
  • Short-term assistance for getting through a highly stressful situation
  • Coping methods that do not involve the use of opioids for relief
  • Crisis counseling to provide immediate support and help individuals become more stable

Crisis Intervention at Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center

Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center provides dependable crisis intervention services when you or a loved one with opioid addiction need immediate help. Our crisis intervention counselors have the certification and training needed to provide these services. When you go through crisis intervention or when a loved one needs these services, you can expect to have peace of mind. Our crisis intervention services are designed to guide individuals safely through crises without the use of opioid substances.

Crisis intervention sessions can vary in length, which depends on the severity of the crisis. While some sessions might be short, others might take an hour or more. Some individuals might only need one session to become stabilized and get through a crisis, but others might need to continue crisis intervention for weeks. Our experts can evaluate your situation or your loved one’s situation to determine how long these sessions should be and how many should be done. Contact us today for more information.

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