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Watching someone you love struggle with opioid addiction can be stressful and discouraging. You might worry about how this addiction is having a negative impact on different areas of their life, or you might worry about their risk of an overdose. While you might not be able to help your loved one make a full recovery on your own, you can encourage them to seek support and professional treatment. This puts them on the right path to recovering from an opioid addiction and enjoying a healthier life. At Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center, we have experienced staff available to provide your loved one with the care they need in order to overcome opioid addiction. Your loved one can receive this care at our outpatient center in Chillicothe.

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Why Seek Care for a Loved One

Opioid dependency can take a toll on your loved one’s life in different ways, such as negatively affecting their relationships with friends and family, causing them to lose their job or pushing them to steal or do other criminal activities to support their addiction. This type of addiction also puts your loved one at risk of having an overdose, which can be fatal, especially if they use fentanyl, heroin or similar opioids. Getting help for your loved one is an effective way to lower their risk of having an overdose. Being in a treatment program can also help them make positive changes to their life that significantly improve their physical health, mental well-being and mood.

How to Seek Care for a Loved One

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Your loved one might not be prepared to admit that they have a problem with opioid substances, especially if they have had an addiction for a long time. Confronting them about their addiction can make them feel defensive and unwilling to seek help. If your loved one is resistant to admitting that they have a problem and that they need treatment, the experts at Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center can help. We can offer advice on how to approach your loved one and how to discuss their opioid addiction in a way that helps them understand the need for treatment.

If your loved one knows that they have a problem and need help, reaching out to addiction experts as soon as possible is important. Our team can give you the information you need to get your loved one into one of our treatment programs. This begins with a consultation, which allows us to learn more about your loved one’s situation. We need this information in order to determine the most effective care for their recovery.

Compassionate Care at Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center

Anchor Addiction and Wellness Center provides high-quality treatment for opioid addiction. Our caring and compassionate staff can help your loved one learn the skills needed for overcoming this type of addiction and improving their health and well-being. We have certified physicians and counselors on hand who offer counseling services, medication management and other treatments for opioid addiction. We can also help ensure that your loved one has access to essential services through our case management services. Our treatment approach can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in good hands.

If you’re looking for treatment options for a loved one, please contact us today. Our staff can provide you with important information on our treatment services and guide you in setting up a consultation for your loved one.

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